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Buying in 2023

Well-priced homes in good condition are selling fast, but buyers have some negotiating room.   Despite elevated mortgage rates and a continuing shortage of homes for sale, the 2023 market has some bright spots for buyers. The frenzied competition of the past few years has settled...


#1 - I previously owned a home so I'm not eligible for these incentives Even though "first time home buyer" implies no previous home ownership, the criteria for most of these programs and incentives is that you haven't owned a home in the last three years. A lender is going to review your last...

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Buying Property Online

There seems to be a fair amount of bidding taking place in the real estate auction sections of eBay and other similar online auction companies. Some sellers are taking bids for a downpayment, with the intention of owner-financing the property after the auction closes.


For some auctions, your bid becomes the first payment in a lease-option agreement. Other sellers are simply trying to sell a property outright. 

It's a little frightening to think that someone would buy property sight unseen, no matter how inexpensive it is.


  • Serious deed and title problems could exist (liens, foreclosure, other claims)
  • The property could be totally inaccessible
  • Structures could need massive repairs
  • It might not be possible to bring utilities onto raw land and you might not even have the right to dig a well

Real Estate Auctions Make for Faster Transactions:
The very nature of the auction process makes transactions smoother, with faster closings. The buyers know that they should have their ducks in a row before bidding, and there isn't an inspection and repair negotiation process. Buyers at an auction have prepared thoroughly, and there is little back-and-forth after the gavel falls.

At online auctions you will be required to register before you can buy or sell an item (s). This is required to track items you bid on or sell, keep up with the bids, determine the winning bids and build a database on seller and bidder feedback.

Tip: Setting up an online email account separate from your main email account is recommended to help you track the progress of the auction and prevent spam from coming into your main account.


Every person has a dream to buy a home where they can spend hours, relaxing and rejuvenating their body. These days, this dream can be fulfilled within fractions of second by the facilitation of internet; all you need is some investment. Once you have a clear picture of the budget and the investments that you can make, buying property becomes really easy.


What is a house worth?

05/07/2022 04:48
Just because a house is listed at a certain price doesn't mean it has to sell for that amount. Sometimes people list their homes too high, other times agents make the same mistake. With the right research, you can find out what any house is worth, which will save you money and even give you...

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07/07/2023 13:03
There are hundreds of things to consider, and if you're not familiar with the area the property is located in you won't have a feeling for the common problems that can plague properties there--so you won't know which questions to ask. The Safety Buffer The good news is that real estate...

Binding" and "NonBinding"

07/07/2023 13:02
eBay offers sellers two choices for real estate auctions, "Binding" and "NonBinding." Don't be confused by those terms, because neither results in a legally binding contract to buy the real estate. So how do they differ? When you bid on a Binding real estate auction, you indicate a true intent...


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Minimum Bid in a Real Estate Auction:
This is a popular format for real estate auctions. The seller sets the minimum price they're willing to accept, and the bidding starts there. The high bidder is guaranteed the purchase. However, some sellers have found that the buyers come to pay the minimum, and sometimes there is just that one bid, forcing the sale at that price.